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The QuintinMichael Experience

Custom Statement Pieces

 QuintinMichael creates custom special occasion wear such as gowns for women with grand taste and an eye for opulence and tailored suits for the dapper men who appreciate true craftsmanship. Our design theorem is curated into several strategic steps to ensure amazing fit and bespoke details to create a jaw-dropping effect to each and every garment REGARDLESS OF THE OCCASION. We source the finest fabrics and trims across the globe creating a timeless piece that is breathtakingly gorgeous.

 Embark on an exclusive experience that will leave you speechless and in awe of your dream becoming a reality today!




General Pricing Information

All Custom Garments Start at $350+

Custom Prom Gowns Start At $850+

Bridal Gowns Start At : $1800+
Full Tux: $850+

Blazer Only: $550+

Prices include the following:
Production of garment start and finish
All fabrics, All Trims, or Appliqués
Two Appointments (and/or) Fittings

& Labor
(Shipping Cost Separate)

For custom orders please provide the information requested below. Once submitted you will be redirected to our booking page where you can schedule your own appointment date & time.  If you would like general cost estimates prior to booking please allow up to 72 hours for a response to your inquiry via email.  

Clients can now schedule their own appointments!
Select the Book Online tab, Select the Occasion, Pay the related non refundable booking fee, & select the date you would like to meet.


**Note** All designs created will be original**

Inspiration is welcome but no photo image will be replicated!

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to working with you!

Any Questions, Comments, or Concerns can be submitted below. Any client with special instructions, trims, or design details, or custom measurements can submit the information in the text field below. Don't hesitate to contact our business line should you have any issues.


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